The Waynie Compact Baritone Psaltery is an octave lower than the Compact Soprano model. It has two and one half octaves, 30 strings, 60 hitch and tuning pins. There are five string sizes including metal and brass wound.

The baritone is similar to the Ultimate model but does not have the higher octave, two above middle "C", as found on the Ultimate. This is the one for those who prefer lower tones instead of the higher pitches. The lower octave has the piano middle "C".

These instruments, like all of mine, are made of hardwoods, no veneers. Like the others, my hitch pins are mounted one inch apart at exacting heights and notched for sliding the bow if you so desire.

The Baritone is around 27 inches long, around five inches wide at the tuning pins, and three inches from hitch pin to hitch pin on the playing side. The dimensions vary slightly due to the fact they are hand made. The dimensions are the same as the Ultimate. The tuning chart to the left tells the story of what notes are supplied.

They weigh between three and three and one half pounds depending on the woods used.


The price for the Waynie Compact Psaltery is $450 including everything you see to the left.

Note: that the price does not include shipping.


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