My just completed novel is the third in my Cody Wade western series. The marshal's latest crusading chapter takes him to the middle of a woman's web of power and deceit. Young and beautiful, glowing with gold, she endevors to control almost everything there is to control in and around the two mile high mining town of Leadville, Colorado.

In addition, she holds a priceless piece of antiquity that Cody must return to the sanctity of preservation in a Fort Worth museum. With dreams running wild, she proves a greater challenge to bring to justice than almost any man he's encountered to date.

The dreams take her from dancing beside a string clown, to a king's court, through the depths of hell, to the gates of heaven.



Bardoga, code name given an undisclosed new hire for the government who becomes the mainstay for federal agencies needing his psychologist education.

His clients tell him everything including highly classified top secret information. Some problems are hard to hear, some almost comical in nature.

Bardoga Seven has a specific problem leading to murder and kidnapping in the most secure residence in the USA, the White House.

From haunting memories of his childhood to an ambush in the back streets of Afghanistan, his Bardogas follow him seeking his clandestine expertise.

Girlfriend Kristy, an FBI Agent, tied to the Bardoga in a most unsual way, helps him as they grow closer.



This novel is a return to the old west as a prequel to Corona Heist. When they were young, two brothers did not envision growing old. Being from from a worthless family, they watched as their worthless daddy dangled from a rope.

One of them takes after his drunken daddy, the other after mother, a woman frightened of their father. One kills a rancher's young daughter, both get the blame. The good one falls in love with a woman he meets on the run, while the sheriff, a bounty hunter and the young girls father give chase. During a mock trial, the bad one holds court, a distructive tornado blows through, and one of the brothers dies. But that too can be deceptive. In the end, does justice prevail or pass with the wind. Only time will tell.



Gabby is a private detective involved in a case that goes well beyound her usual investigations. Wind gererators and government green monies go hand in hand as she tries to unravel this one. First hired by a lonely wife, she ends up with four clients in the course of events. One thing leads to another, and then murder, murder and murder. Gabby changes her mind several times as she twists through several deceptions regarding the truth.

Known as Presidio Green, the electric generating company is the center of a congressinal hearing that leads everyone to Washington. The trail leads through Pennsylvania and travels to Alaska. The key to it all is found in an item purchased through a favorite hasmburger resturant with large arches.



This novel is a country mystery about present day life in southeastern Oklahoma where I live. Having been shot while doing a live report in the ten o'clock news, Cara Beemer is relocated to a small country town. She is set up as a stylist in a small beauty shop that, along with a country store, becomes her new life. Alex, her next door neighbor, is not the man she thinks he is and neither are the federal marshals assigned to her protection detail. In the beginning her best friend is a stuffed bear, but soon, Amy and an unwanted companion befriends her as a close relationship blossoms. A couple of hinchmen locate her as the life she discovers in the country starts to crumble. A disease threatens her life as Cara takes her defense into her own hands. Everything she has experienced in her short life gives her the strength to fight back.


Legends of the old American west unfold in the untamed wide open spaces of the Colorado Rockies. The land beyond the Mississippi attracted people with visions of opportunities to gain wealth, be it legal or not. It fell upon lawmen to enforce laws being established almost on a daily basis. CORONA HEIST is a story of vengeance, instead of wealth.

Special United States Marshal Cody Wade follows the path of Doug Felt and his gang as they target the Colorado Western. CORONA HEIST brings to life individual stories intertwined with murder, robbery and mayhem with a wee bit of love, dulcimer music and a lightening bolt packing a streak of justice.




Ghost whisper slips into the west in this tale of Retribution. Mickey is but 15 young years when his daddy, the sheriff, takes the brunt of a ruthless gang of bad men looking to rob a small time bank.

A professional gunman arrives on the train to find the coldest beer he'd ever sipped from a tankard. His motives, however, are not cold. He's in town to kill the groom at his wedding. Mickey's daddy appears in various visions to assist the young lad as he learns the fine art of the handgun.

This is the story of teenage love, an axe-toting bank robber and two psychologists writing a book titled 'Criminal Minds'. Included is a dentist who uses gas on his patients, a husband and wife sheriff team, and a black gunfighter, the son of slaves.



The QUANDARY is a highly energized action packed CIA novel. Covert agent David Damon is charged with the mission of finding a birth certificate to prove or disprove the American citizenship of a high ranking political figure. Along with Sheila Marsh, his beautiful ex-partner turned Chicago homcide detective, he faces numerous spine-chilling situations.

In the course of events, the President's special assistant changes from political adversary to protect the man she put in office. And yet another stone lies in the agents path as their feelings for one another deepen. Rockets red glare will not separate them, but in one long moment of time their lives change forever.

  The price for the books is $10 each or all eight for $70 email Wayne


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