Without question the Waynie Compact Soprano Psaltery is the smallest most lightweight two and one half octave fully chromatic psaltey there is, yet it delivers a full outstanding voice. It fits your hand like a glove, easier to hold and easier to play. It's a change of mindset like riding a different bike. In a matter of minutes the difference will be evident. They weigh between 2 and 2 & 1/2 pounds depending on the wood used. They are around 21 inches long, 3 inches thick from hitch pin tip to hitch pin tip and 4 inches wide at the tuning pins.


All the instruments in my Compact line come with a brass insert on the bottom for placing the instrument on a simple camera tripod, and they are all equipped with an internally mounted 'piazo' pickup for amplification, if so desired. The soprano has thirty steel strings in three different sizes. Only hardwoods, no veneers, are used in the instruments. The "C" marker dots are of abalone, and on special order can be placed at other locations without an additional charge.

These instruments are solid and durable offering years of service for your musical creativity. They are sealed, lacquered with eight coats and buffed with Menzerna compound used on many new guitars to protect against skin oils and small moisture drops. There are 30 hitch pins and 30 tuning pins. The hitch pins are placed one inch apart at exacting heights for sliding the bow's hair with ease.

They come with matching wood bows crafted to the same standards as the instrument. The bow is as important to the instrument as the strings. There is a two inch rosette on each side.



The price for the Waynie Compact Soprano Psaltery including everything to the left is $380.


Note: Price does not include shipping.




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