I still craft what is called the Traditional Psaltery in the triangle shape. This Waynie is a two and one half octave soprano. I will build a baritone model of this style on special order. These instruments have 30 notes, middle "C" marker dots of abalone and notched hitch pins for sliding of the bow, if so desired.

They are made of exotic hardwoods with one two inch rosette mounted on the front board. There is a finger hole in the rear and a quarter inch brass insert for mounting on a camera tripod.


These instruments are sealed, lacquered with eight coats and then buffed with Mezerna compound used on many guitars to protect the finish. There are "C" markers. Additional ones may be added on a special order at no additional charge.

Remember however that these are hand crafted instruments intended to have long life. Keep out of the sun and high humidity situations.


The Waynie Traditional Soprano Psaltery is twenty two inches long, around one and a half inches thick and around 7 and one half inches wide at the bridge. They weigh around three pounds when strung.



The price of the Traditional Soprano Psaltery including the instrument, case, horse hair bow, rosin and tuning wrench is $400


Note: The price does not include shipping

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