With 42 strings spanning three and one half octaves, The Waynie Compact Ultimate Psaltery is the instrument for the player ready to take the giant leap into a psaltery capable of handling all your musical desires. It starts with a low "F" and travels to a high "A". This model includes the piano middle "C". It is totally chromatic since the regular notes are to the right with the sharps and flats on the left. This enables you to play in any key. In addition, a left handed model can be special ordered.

The 'Ultimate' is the soprano and baritone models combined into one large instrument, yet it weighs between three and four pounds depending up on the density of the woods used.

The strings are metal and brass wound and are stretched from hitch pin to tuning pin. The length of each denotes the note. When tuned, it is a simple progressive scale.

This is not a difficult instrument to accomplish. You've heard the old saying, "If you can hum a tune you can play it?" That is very true with the psaltery. I believe anyone can tell wheather or not it's the right or wrong note.

You don't need anymore notes than the Ultimate supplies. Play in one octave and drop to another. There are so many notes, you'll find difficult tunes melt into the bow's horse hair. The design of the Waynie Compact Psalteries keep them in tune. There is the same amount of pull on both sides instead of one. A bow in the instrument will not occur. It is balanced to hold in one's hand or mount on a simple camera tripod affording the opportunity to play with two bows or my double bow and another single. Your imagination will guide you through your abilities.

The tuning chart below will show exactly what you'll have in your hands with the Ultimate model. To the right is an example of the hitch pins lined up exactly one inch apart. There is absolutly no reason for the pins to grow further apart toward the lower notes. There is plenty of separation for outstanding resonate sound. Changing the spacing can complicate playing and virtually eliminate the use of a double bow.

The Ultimate is 29 inches long, 5 and one half inches wide at the tuning pins, and around three inches from side to side. The hitch pins are notched on the leading edge permitting the bow hair to slide over with great ease. The instrument has abolone dots marking the three "C" note locations. The purpose is reference only and can be placed at any requested location if a special order is placed for your specific instrument at no additional charge.

The woods in my instruments are sanded to prefection, lacquer sealer is applied, eight coats of lacquer is sprayed, and they are buffed with Menzerna compound, the same as used on many new guitars. Menzerna protects the finish from skin oils and small water drops.

There are 84 hitch and tuning pins and six string sizes on the Ultimate. Two inch rosettes are located on each side and, in most cases, a one inch rosette is located near the top on the face.

The price for the Ultimate Psaltery is $500 including everything you see above. This includes the case made for me by Royal Case, a matching bow, rosin and tuning wrench. Everything required to get up and playing.
Note: That the price does not include shipping.


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